How to Get Unstuck

It's easy to get stuck.  Or to let anxiety get the better of you.  That’s why a short list of concrete steps can help get you started on your journey back to work.

At least that’s what Ellen Taaffe, a clinical assistant professor of leadership and director of Kellogg’s women’s leadership programs, recommends in her recent article, “Ready to Reenter the Workforce? Read This First.”

“I know so many people who have said, ‘I want to get back in,’ but the transition back seems monumental for many people,” Taaffe says. “That just grows the longer you step out.”

Instead of dwelling on anxieties or self-doubt, Taaffe recommends action over reflection.

“It’s key to recognize the fear or reluctance but take action anyway,” she says.

In a short but helpful article, Taaffe outlines some basic tips for the tentative relauncher. From recalibrating your assumptions to considering a pivot, she provides a basic yet substantive game plan for reentry.

Read more about how to get started here.

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