NextGroup Article in Make it Better Magazine E-Newsletter

I'm extremely excited to share this article published by Make It Better magazine that spotlights NextGroup and our work on behalf of women in the community.  

I am supremely fortunate to be partnering with fellow Kellogg grad and friend Melanie Wright in (pictured here) this work along with our co-founders Joan Sherman and Tracy Quattrocki.  This article marks almost a year and a half in existence with more than 1,000 women in our network and having gone from working on our  first placement to more than two dozen!  

Despite the pandemic, ongoing systemic injustices and economic challenges, companies are seeing now more than ever that women have incredible talent and insight to offer the workplace from front line service to board room.  Help us continue the movement - share with others and ask them what they are doing to make their workplace more equitable, right now!  

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