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What are the biggest challenges facing women in the workplace today? How can we translate these challenges into assets?

If you enjoy podcasts, take a listen to this!

Harvard Business Review’s podcast, Women at Work, explores the most difficult issues women face in the workplace today. In an HBR overview, the production team identifies their biggest takeaways from the podcast and how they'll convert these challenges into greater strengths in the coming year.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, they recommend some refreshing takes on gender issues at work. Don’t shy away from thorny issues, they suggest, but instead confront them head-on: talk more freely about money, network outside your industry, bring discussions of children and family (and even menopause!) into the workplace.

In a lively set of interviews, the team reflects on lessons learned.

For those difficult discussions about money, co-host Amy Gallo intends to “be less guarded and awkward in conversations about how much I make, especially with women who work in the same field.”

About networks, production assistant Cori Brosnahan pledges to diversity and strengthen hers in the new year: “It can be easy to interact with the people who do exactly what you do, but this year I’m going to try to make connections with people in different parts of my industry — and beyond!”

Instead of sidestepping the stresses of work and children, editor Maureen Hoch commits to talking about parenting and using it to her advantage: “There’s a lot of power in being able to share your experiences without fear of people assuming you’re not committed to your work if you have a child. So, as my daughter gets older, I’m going to keep talking about her so that my team knows they don’t need to scrub their identities as parents out of their working lives.”

And what about the fear of being overlooked because of age? “Aging Up, Not Out,” explores the new set of workplace challenges for women in their 50s, and Amy Gallo reflects on the importance of bringing these issues to the fore: “So many people have mentioned to me how much this episode meant to them and how we talked about topics that aren’t usually addressed, so my intention here is to talk more about menopause at work!”

Other topics include taking care of yourself, getting the recognition you deserve, developing your strength as a leader, and asking for what you need.

So put in those earbuds and start listening!

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