Our Back-to-Work Boot Camp is Underway!

We’re over halfway there! Six weeks into our Boot Camp, we’ve had a great time getting to know a fantastic group of women.  Laughter, and a handful of chocolate, have made these evenings pass quickly, spent workshopping resumes, brushing off interviewing skills, and crafting LinkedIn profiles.

But of all the skills we've focused on, it's the stories we’ve learned the most from—no two are the same, each has its own twists and turns, but we’ve found common themes and similar challenges. Juggling children and work, supporting aging parents, staying connected to the community, husbands, but rich backgrounds now looking for meaningful work. Value and honor our backgrounds, translate years of experience, both in the workplace and as volunteers, into a targeted job search.

Over the course of the last six weeks, we’ve watched these fascinating women turn rich histories into current marketable skills. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know such an amazing group of women who have so much to offer not only the workplace, but each other.

For our final session, we’re ready to turn theory into practice and put those networking skills to work. With representatives from the business community, women mentors, and other NextGroup friends, we’ve planned an evening of cocktails and conversation to grow our networks.

Through the last six weeks, we’ve seen firsthand the power of women supporting women. Impressed by how much women have to offer one another, we plan to offer more opportunities to build community as we start the search for meaningful work. in and around Evanston.

Stay tuned for further offerings!

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