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What will communication look like as you re-enter the workplace?

As we continue to navigate through life in a pandemic – the new normal – remote communication and collaboration become all the more essential. But working from home can be challenging, which is why a willingness to try new things is key. Various platforms offer services that make remote work easy and effective. The list below offers a few options that can help you stay connected and communicating while working from home!


Designed to support the way in which people work naturally, Slack is a collaboration hub that provides companies with easy-to-access communication tools. With organized conversations that allow you to talk individually or with larger groups, searchable history to find old conversations, and Slack calls that connect you to other members of your group, this platform mimics the environment of an actual office. Slack helps to bring you as close to a normal work environment as possible.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is another great platform that can help teams connect from afar. This platform allows you to hold meetings with groups of 10 or 10,000, giving opportunity for both small and big companies to stay in contact. Chats and calls can be held with individuals or groups from all over. Microsoft Teams makes collaboration easy by allowing groups to access, share, and edit word documents, PowerPoints and excel spread sheets.

Google Drive

Although Google Drive may not provide all remote working tools in one place, it is a great option for quickly sharing and editing documents. This platform is Google’s cloud service and allows you to store and sync files for easy backup. It can be accessed from multiple devices so you can edit wherever you are. Google Drive also allows you to share documents with others and watch them make edits in real time. This platform is great for quick and effective collaboration.


Zoom helps businesses and organizations bring their teams together in a comfortable environment that provides for easy communication. This platform allows for video, voice, and content sharing across various devices. Recently, many people have become familiar with this platform, which makes it an easy and seamless way to get a group of people together and talking.

These are just a few of the many collaborative platforms that help companies work remotely. If you are looking for a way to stay connected, consider any of these possibilities to best fit your communication needs. Creating a work environment similar to in-person collaboration is the key to success!

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