Embracing Your Growth Edge

Have you ever wanted something to change so much but as you contemplated changing it you were struck by the feeling that the change is just "too much" to take on? 

A lot of people feel this way about a lot of things. Unfortunately, the feeling also has too many people taking a u-turn right at the time that they're about to step into some amazing period of growth. 

This is called a "growth edge". It's that place that moves us from the known to the unknown, comfortable to uneasy, stagnation to growth. 

Very often people avoid leaning into a growth edge because it’s scary, overwhelming and, frankly, they don’t trust themselves. But taking an opportunity to embrace your growth edges - and even to take time to build some strength around them - allows you to step deeper and deeper into the person you want to become.  

In this week's blog Kim shares some ideas on how to practice working through the growth edge so you can develop that muscle as you take on more challenging changes in your work and life. Ready to give it a try? Let's do this!

About the Author
Kim Romain is a transformational life and leadership coach who helps bring confidence and clarity to her clients as they stop focusing on the minutia that is keeping them stuck and start living into the most authentic version of themselves.

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