Finding Your Unique Superpower and How to Wield It

You’re a hero. Did you know that? It’s true! Now, you may not have x-ray vision or be able to stop a train with your bare hands (although I’m not going to put it past any working woman to have either of these abilities), but you do have powerful capabilities that often we’re not even aware of and that have the power to change the world.
These superpowers allow each of us to contribute our authentic, unique, and much needed gifts to the world in ways that nobody else can. And what’s really cool about superpowers is that studies have shown that people who use them are happier, less stressed, more fulfilled, and more productive. They’re also key to finding meaningful work you love. 
Superpowers are real, and we all have them. It’s just that they’re less obvious than you’d think, and it usually takes some work to uncover them. So how do you find out what your superpowers even are? Head on over to my blog where I go into more detail about what makes up our superpowers and how to start to uncover yours.

About the Author
Kim Romain is a transformational life and leadership coach who helps bring confidence and clarity to her clients as they stop focusing on the minutia that is keeping them stuck and start living into the most authentic version of themselves.

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