Creating Space For Yourself

After a year+ of learning how to work from home with a house full of children in remote learning and partners on work calls, many of my clients have expressed feelings of joy and exuberance as their children return to in-person summer camps and their partners have returned (at least partially) to their workplaces. The anticipation of quiet settling was palpable. Until they realized that’s now what happened. 

They’re recognizing that during the throes of the pandemic, they had learned how to find time to be connected to work, loved ones, friends, and themselves. And although there is less time with everyone piled on top of each other inside their homes, there is less time and space for them as individuals, because they are back to shuttling, appointments, and a million other little things that quickly seep into their schedules.

How do you reclaim space for yourself as the world starts to open up? Head over to my blog where I invite you to look at what may be holding you back from setting healthy boundaries in your personal life, and how to start creating some you can stick to. 

About the Author
Kim Romain is a transformational life and leadership coach who helps bring confidence and clarity to her clients as they stop focusing on the minutia that is keeping them stuck and start living into the most authentic version of themselves.

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