Bringing More Fun Into All You Do

Looking at social media, it certainly seems like people are having a lot of fun. But, when you talk with them one-on-one, so many people seem to be lacking fun from their lives. In fact, over the past several months, I’ve noticed an uptick of clients confused and overwhelmed. Their friends seem to be having fun. Their co-workers seem to be having fun. But they’re just not feeling it.

I get it. Externally, we’re dealing with what feels like endless stressors - systemic oppression, political unrest, coronavirus, financial challenges, educating our youth, the list goes on and on. Internally, many of us are feeling overly structured, predictable and monotonous as we try to manage all the balls we have in the air. When all the internal stressors are coupled with external stressors, we are worn thin. 

So now, more than ever, it’s important to remind ourselves we are, in fact, capable of having fun, even when tough things are going on around and for us. If this sounds familiar, I invite you to head over to my blog where I give you some ideas on how to start bringing more fun and pleasure back into your life, even when things feel complicated.

About the Author
Kim Romain is a transformational life and leadership coach who helps bring confidence and clarity to her clients as they stop focusing on the minutia that is keeping them stuck and start living into the most authentic version of themselves.

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