Finding Ease in Work & Life

We live in a world where pushing harder, grinding, hustling, and finding your grit are lauded and individuals who prioritize their self care and self worth (thank you, Naomi Osaka) are called out as being lazy or as a whiner. Our culture has prized more done faster over true productivity and performance. Thankfully, we are starting to see more support for those who turn away from more traditional definitions of productivity and embrace a place of ease over discomfort.

Being in a state of ease does not mean you are not being productive. Quite the opposite. When you are in a place of ease, productivity and excellence can come forward without all the pushing, striving and yearning that we’ve been taught to perform under. Operating from a state of ease actually helps our logical side collaborate with our intuitive side, bringing ourselves into harmony.

How do you start to bring more ease into your work and life? Head over to my blog where I invite you to think about ways in which you can begin to incorporate more ease in all areas of your life.

About the Author
Kim Romain is a transformational life and leadership coach who helps bring confidence and clarity to her clients as they stop focusing on the minutia that is keeping them stuck and start living into the most authentic version of themselves.

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