Finding the Courage to Change

So many of us have been in that place. You look around and wonder “How did I get here? This isn’t what I thought my life would look like.” It’s particularly jarring when you recognize nothing in your life is “bad”. And yet, something just isn’t right.

For many of us, that’s as far as that thought process goes. Thinking about what might need to change in order to feel more aligned within our own lives and work is scary stuff. It takes courage to admit you might want something to change. And it takes even more to make those changes.

And yet, when life feels challenging, boring, mundane or overwhelming, finding the courage to see what changes you might want to make in your life and work is the first step towards living your best and most authentic life. In this week’s blog, I invite you to check in with yourself on what it is you most want and give you ideas on how to find the courage to go there.

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