Dealing with the Unknown

The beginning of the new school year has come and gone. The excitement of what to come is coupled with the fears of what may be. 
Will our organizations ask us to return to the office? Will our children be safe going back to school in person? Are our schools going to have to return to remote learning? How is that going to impact how we work?
For many, these worries are keeping us up at night. One would think that after 18 months of dealing with uncertainty and the unknown we would have become adept at it. And yet, we’re still craving control. Control over our circumstances, our decisions, our lives. But, as much as we would like, the decisions other people make and their behaviors are not ever within our control. 

The one thing we can learn to do is to control our mindset. 
By developing a growth mindset, we are able to more readily adapt to challenges and uncertainties in our lives. We become able to manage all that comes at us without wanting to tear out our hair or put our head under the covers. 

In this week’s blog, I take you by the hand and help you wade into the pool of developing a growth mindset through baby steps. Give yourself the gift of leaning into the area of your life you can control, and learning how to let go of the rest.

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