The Gift of Receiving

There are times in our lives when gifts show up unexpectedly - a stranger holding a door open, a gift from a friend in the mail, a neighbor that helps you change a flat tire. At other times, we recognize our need for help and consider asking (and sometimes we even do!). Then there are the times when we are able to give away something we’ve been struggling with to someone who enjoys that type of work, allowing us to benefit from their genius and generosity.

All of these are types of receiving. Yet, we rarely know how to truly embrace these opportunities without feeling squirmy, uncomfortable or indebted.

After all, we all know “It’s nobler to give than to receive.” Most of us grew up hearing (and internalizing) this adage to the point we have quelled our ability to receive on a regular basis. 

And yet, the benefits to learning how to gracefully receive are endless, including opportunities for more meaningful relationships, better physical and mental health, and a deeper sense of self-worth. 

In this week’s blog, I dive into the ways we’re preventing ourselves from being able to receive, as well as how to take those baby steps towards receiving more gracefully. 

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