Free to Be You....and Me!

Are you living a life of habit or a life of design? 

Habits are wonderful ways to simplify elements of our lives, but when we live our lives on autopilot, simply going through the motions, we lose our sense of direction - our sense of self.

We can build a life of design through intentionality with the guidance of our true self. But, to do this, we first have to be in relationship with our true self. And, unfortunately, most of us are not.

We look to others for guidance on the direction of our lives, gather opinions from voices outside ourselves and, in short, keep ourselves in a position to think everyone else has it figured out while we’re still struggling. 

The reality is, all of the answers you need are within you. You are your own guiding star. It’s just covered up by decades of noise from outside yourself, so it can be really hard to hear or understand.
In this week’s blog, I explore ways to reconnect with the deepest parts of yourself so you can have an opportunity to live your life and build your business or career on your terms. Let’s dig in! 

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