How to Age-Proof Yourself for a Midlife Career Change

Did you know that the average age for a successful entrepreneur is 45? Yet women experience ageism at work earlier than men in midlife. From our work with women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, we get it. Age discrimination can hold you back from making a change, whether you’re:
- Returning to the workforce.
- Pivoting careers.
- Asking for a promotion.
- Job Searching.

Ageism feels like the last acceptable “ism.” But more and more, companies are realizing that it needs to be included in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, which is a sign of progress.

At the same time, women in midlife are a growing demographic and represent a talent pipeline for organizations looking to fill gaps with experienced professionals. How can women capitalize on this growing attention? At EvolveMe, we know there’s a positive edge to being in midlife!

In a recent Ellevate + EvolveMe Midlife Career Change Roundtable session, we spoke with Candance Chow, co-founder of NextGroup, a recruitment firm for mid-career talent, for an honest interactive conversation about tips to tackle gendered ageism head-on in the workplace (the conversation you can’t have at work!) or when you’re making a change -- starting with what’s inside of you!

Read the full article to check out NextGroup’s five actionable tips for how you can best position yourself for a change in midlife. You can take back control! You’ll also gain insights into what employers are looking for in mid-career talent like you.

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