Fierce Women Feature - Cheryl Contee

Fierce Woman Feature - Meet Cheryl Contee

This past weekend I had the honor to meet dozens of fierce women while participating in the Third Act Quest Storyteller conference. I could spotlight them all but am going to start with a woman who's accomplishments, knowledge and perspective simply blew me away.

Cheryl Contee, Chief Executive Director with the Impact Seat Foundation, where she is leading a movement in what she calls "full stack" philanthropy to promote and grow women and especially women of color owned/founded/led businesses. Cheryl is also co-founder of Do Big Things, a digital agency that creates new narratives using new tech for causes and issues campaigns. Cheryl births these big ideas and big actions from a long history of leadership in high tech. And, oh yeah, she was also the co-founder of, the first tech startup with a black female founder to be acquired by a NASDAQ company.

Need I say more...But, I will because Cheryl shared a few points that were so powerful and fierce, I want you all to hear them.

1) Did you know that only 2-4% of all venture capital goes to women, and basically 0% goes to women of color? This when black women are starting the largest number of new businesses than pretty much any other segment of business owners.

2) Did you know that women who have gone after angel funding - For a white woman, it takes 7 introductions to Angels to get funded. (wish I had the white male stat) But for a black woman it takes 50 introductions to Angels to get funded.

We have come so far. But we have many miles yet to go. With women like Ms. Contee in our midst, the trek will be fiercely led!!

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