Fierce Women Feature - Nicole Cole

This week NextGroup cofounder Candance Chow want to lift up a woman who she has known for more than 25 years, since meeting at b-school, but unfortunately only caught up with recently at their 25 year reunion.

Nicole Cole (@nicolecole-wealthadvisor) is fierce on so many levels. She is a financial management professional, business owner, a mom of three and elected member of her local school board in VA. Owning her own independent financial services firm and The College Money Team, has allowed her the flexibility to grow her income while raising and being present for her three children. Plus Nicole is a fierce advocate for equity and opportunity for the children of her local community. She recently won her highly contentious race where extreme party politics has taken over.

She was the only truly independent/nonpartisan candidate elected in the area. We applaud Nicole for her leadership, her bravery and her perseverance to make sure a strong public education is available to all children despite the political winds that blow and blow hard these days!

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