Fierce Women Feature - Corinne Rice

It's #FierceWomanFriday and we want to spotlight a true leader of people in our friend and keynote speaker for the 2022 Women First Conference, Corrine Rice. Corrine is VP of People and Talent Development for a global marketing firm, The Marketing Store. Her journey to leadership and the c-suite has been one of intention, empathy and adaptability. Corrine gave NextGroup the gift of her keynote address at a recent NextGroup virtual conference, and during this season of giving, we wanted to share her inspiration again.

Corinne discussed her experience re-entering the workforce after spending time at home with her children and relocating for her husband’s job with the military; the main themes she’s seeing right now as an HR professional; and how to nurture a successful team.

Here are 6 key takeaways from her keynote: 
1) Take the help. If you are returning to the workforce after a pause, take the help and get support from organizations like NextGroup.
2) Continue to say yes to things — projects, help, coaching, and feedback — even when it’s scary. Your career is going to be a journey with ups and downs
3) No one should need to shrink themselves to fit in at work. Minimizing or changing who you are is stifling and leads to burnout. HR professionals are listening for where your passions lie and what you can bring to the organization that stands out.
4) The workplace now needs to work for everyone. In the current job seeker’s market, flexibility is a table stake, not just a nice-to-have benefit.
5) It’s okay not to be okay. Raising your hand to say that is the brave thing to do, and a good employer will be willing to help you get what you need to thrive.
6) You can’t build a strong team without knowing what your people aspire to. Leaders need to keep development a priority and work with their team members to ensure there’s enough growth and exposure to achieve short term results and build a great career.

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