Fierce Women Friday: June 10, 2022

I have decided to close out each week with "Fierce Women Friday".

This week I share a photo of the very fiercest woman I know - My mother.

At 18, she "graduated" from an orphanage near the MD/WV border where she lived for 16 years and ventured into the world. She lived with her father (she was sent to the orphanage because her mother died in childbirth and father couldn't take care of all the kids) for a short time until he died suddenly leaving her the youngest of 13 kids yet on her own.

She caught a bus to DC and found work in a variety of places from dental office to shoe store. Some years later she met and moved in with my father who was a man about town and prominent in his own right but also abusive and didn't want any more children.

When my mother became pregnant with me, she was 34 years old and knew she wanted a child. He didn't and showed her in many ways that to be the case. So she left him, and once again was alone and on her own.

My mom raised me on her own, with not even a high school diploma, and showed me that love and determination could do many things! She enabled me to go to college, graduate school and has been there for every important moment in my life and the lives of my children. She worked until she was 75+ years old and never stopped mothering and helping others.

Last month she celebrated her 86th birthday (pictured here). Here's to Jacqueline Jean Parks, the FIERCEST WOMAN EVER!

Anytime you think you can't do any more, get any further - think of my mom. She told me every day - Can't Never Tried! And boy did she try and do, showing up every day to make my world better than hers had been.

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