Successful Re-Entry with Candance Chow: Badass Women at Any Age

Raised by a single mom, Candance Chow credits her career journey to the social injustices she witnessed as a child through her mom’s experience.  Motivated by the sexism she herself experienced while working at the State Department in Washington DC, Candance began advocating for gender equity and the advancement for women in the workplace.    

As co-founder and managing director of NEXT Group, Candance Chow is dedicated to engaging and empowering women to be fully valued, both in and out of the paid workforce.  She started Next Group in 2019 to provide a supportive community for women looking to pivot or re-enter the workforce and to match these professional women with employers who want and need their talent.  

Before Next Group, Candance owned Insight Consulting Group, a management consulting firm that would partner with companies and nonprofits to develop growth innovation and operational strategy.  She holds an MBA with distinction from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management in strategy and non profit management and a BA in public Communications for American University in Washington DC.  She currently serves on several non-profit boards and served 2 terms as board President in Finance Care for the Evanston Skokie District 65 School board which educates more than 7500 students.

What You Will Hear in This Episode:
Candance's journey and her mother’s influence.
Evaluating self and building confidence.
Motivation, responsibility and being self-sufficient
Building Next Group.
Re-entering the workforce.
Talent, acquisition and retention processes.
Developing high level relationships.
Advice for women who want to re-enter the workforce.

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