Fierce Women Friday: June 17, 2022

Fierce Women Fridays continues. However, it seems extremely fitting to honor this Fierce Woman, a pastor, mother, executive, community leader and superior human on Juneteenth. Dr. Patricia A Efiom, who to early passed from this world last September, had a spirit of love, wisdom and such faith in God and humans that it was contagous. It was Fierce!

I met Pastor Efiom when she was presiding at Ebenezer AME Church when my friend's son was baptized there. At the time, there was tension between the child's father's family and the mother. Pastor Efiom honored the mother and brought together the two families in that space with a focus on the child despite the issues that were at hand. She placed blessings on all, and put the child first. I was awed by her ability to speak the word and through her felt so much closer to God during the time I studied, learned and was guided by her as a friend and spiritual leader. She then took on the calling as the first Chief Equity Director in Evanston forging new ground in support of racial equity and redress in our community.

Dr. Pat was an amazing mother and raised wonderful children who have gone on to do and be great humans. I am fortunate to be able to learn from and at times collaborate with her daughter Brandi Efiom, MPA who is currently participating in the Chicago Innovation Women's Mentoring Program as well as doing amazing work in community engagement for the United Way of Metro Chicago. Dr. Pat lives on in Brandi, her other wonderful children and grandchildren, and will continue her impact through them.

Dr. Pat taught me so many things during my short time knowing her. The greatest was that for all the brokenness we see and endure, we are made - everyone one of us - in the image of God. And we should recall that each time we open our mouth or lean to judge or dismiss another. An amazing and enduring lesson shared by a very Fierce Woman.

I honor you Rev. Dr. Patricia Efiom on this Juneteenth.

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