Fierce Women Friday: June 24, 2022

Melissa Rabin Lederer, Chief Experience Officer at mHub

This week I had a chance to both flashback and flex forward on female colleagues who have helped shape my career and hopefully colleagues for whom I will have an impact.

On Thursday, I attended the fifth anniversary event for mHUB in Chicago. I signed up to be a mentor, particularly to female entrepreneurs who are part of mHub's incubator program in manufacturing about a year ago, because it is so critical for women in manufacturing to have support and counsel as they build, grow and show how fierce they are in disrupting the sector.

That's where this Fierce Woman comes in....I was so excited to witness a former colleague from 20 years ago in the startup days at Coolsavings taking the lead to make MHub the formidable force it is and will continue to be for the manufacturing sector - and particular advancing equity for women and persons of color as part of this sector.

Melissa Rabin Lederer is the Chief Experience Officer and if you haven't met Melissa, she is a force to be reckoned with in this space. She and the team there are building a center of excellence and equitable opportunity for ALL entrepreneurs and the diverse teams they are growing.

If you want to learn more about mHub or support the advancement of their mission, please consider being part of their growing ecosystem.

PS - I also met some great new women leaders during my day who are making innovative products and breaking barriers for themselves and others in the sector. Yaritza Sandoval Marquez of the Urban Alliance and @katseale with Vertical Grooves.  

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