Fierce Woman Friday: July 26, 2022

Fierce Woman Monday (missed Friday). Meet Shari Greco Reiches!

Today I reflected on how little I knew about finances, budget or economics when I was young. My learning was all "on the job" so to speak until I got when to business school that is and I unlearned everything I thought I knew.

My financial education began like this...

I started completing my Mom's taxes when I was 13 or 14. I remember the first time I realized we were "low income". I was filling out our taxes and when it was all done....we were in the lowest bracket. I yelled out - "Hey Mom, we are low income." "Is that what they are calling it these days," she replied.

I say all this because, over the years, I have developed great respect for anyone who educates themselves about money, value and finance. And, I implore especially all you women out there to make it your business to know not only what you are worth but how you are managing for today and tomorrow.

That's where this week's Fierce Woman comes in.

Shari Greco Reiches, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Rappaport Reiches Capital Management, LLC. As an investment advisor, Shari guides clients to reflect upon their core values as they make major life decisions.

She also happens to be one of NextGroup's first clients and recently hired a terrific, relaunching professional Jennifer Fogle who was pivoting careers from marketing to financial services. Shari knows that women bring value to work. She also knows that there are far too few women in the financial services sector and is an advocate/role model for them all!

This fierce woman is a behavioral finance expert, mom, storyteller, and just recently launched her own podcast - Maximize Your Return on Life which can be found at

Better late than's to NextGroup's Fierce Woman Friday - my friend, client and fellow Evanstonian, Shari Reiches.

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