Fierce Woman Feature - Esiloza Omoh

This week our cofounder Candace Chow’s personal work has been around looking at her own "limiting beliefs" and how they get in the way of how she shows up in the world and serves herself, family, work and God (should probably be in reverse order, sorry all you clergy out there).

She writes: “Through this I realized that one of my primary limiting beliefs is that I believe "what I do and accomplish dictates my value and worth.”

Now to my Fierce Woman, my mentee through @Chicago Innovation Women's Mentoring Co-op, Esi Omoh. I first met Esi when we sat next to each other at a Chicago Innovation awards event. Her energy, charisma, poise and curiosity washed over me immediately. Esi is in career pivot/transition and looking to develop her leadership skills along with her tech, project management and public health expertise. We all talk about growth mindset and she embodies it every day.

Check out her recent post about her journey and perspective on "accomplishments" and their relationship to our sense of value. She got it about 25 years before me! Esi's wisdom and curiosity are Fierce.”

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