Fierce Woman Feature - Robin Arzon

Since June 2020 some of my greatest leadership and life inspiration has come from....Peloton! Yes, I am not afraid to admit it. I idolize several Peloton coaches (I mean have you ever taken a class with Alex Toussaint) but as a Fierce Woman, no one can match Robin Arzon.  

Like millions of others, I started peloton during the pandemic, a very dark time in life and in my own fitness, having gone from triathlon ready to recovering from a hip replacement in a few years. 

I am now about fads but I became absolutely addicted to riding and mostly because of the energy, wisdom and downright swagger of coaches like Arzon. 

Only later did I realize that this awesome athlete and coach, who in one class coined the phrase, "Every Day is a Day to Slay" (still scribbled on my office white board), had left a corporate law legal career to follow her dream of making movement central to her career and life.  And boy did she ever - now an ultramarathoner and VP of Fitness and Lead Instructor for Peloton globally!

At NextGroup, we love a woman who pivots, and that's a pivot for the ages!

So, this Friday, I am going to honor the courage, beauty and brilliance of this Fierce Woman as I hop and hope on the bike to "follow in her Fierce foot pedals".

See her for an interview with Ms. Arzon by members of the Chief (another fierce group fo women).

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