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Where Are You Investing Your Time?

Time is one of our greatest and most important resources. And yet, most of us spend, squander and wa...

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Finding the Courage to Change

So many of us have been in that place. You look around and wonder “How did I get here? This isn’t wh...

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The Importance of Being in Community

After a year (or more) of social distancing, it is all to clear to us that humans crave connection. ...

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Bringing More Fun Into All You Do

Looking at social media, it certainly seems like people are having a lot of fun. But, when you talk ...

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Creating Space For Yourself

After a year+ of learning how to work from home with a house full of children in remote learning and...

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Opening Up to Possibility

Most of us operate in a way that keeps us closed off to possibility. We think there’s a way things n...

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Finding Ease in Work & Life

We live in a world where pushing harder, grinding, hustling, and finding your grit are lauded and in...

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Finding Your Unique Superpower and How to Wield It

You’re a hero. Did you know that? It’s true! Now, you may not have x-ray vision or be able to stop a...

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