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Successful Re-Entry with Candance Chow: Badass Women at Any Age

Raised by a single mom, Candance Chow credits her career journey to the social injustices she witnes...

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How They Did It: Candance Chow & Melanie Wright

Each month, EvolveMe features inspirational women who've made it to the other side of career change....

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How to Age-Proof Yourself for a Midlife Career Change

Did you know that the average age for a successful entrepreneur is 45? Yet women experience ageism a...

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NextGroup LLC and EvolveMe Partner to Support Women Re-igniting their Professional Lives

NextGroup LLC, headquartered in the Chicago suburbs, and EvolveMe, headquartered in the New York met...

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Finding the Courage to Change

So many of us have been in that place. You look around and wonder “How did I get here? This isn’t wh...

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